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[LW] [LW11] Connect T122 to Digital Yacht AIT3000
11-06-19, 02:34 PM (This post was last modified: 11-07-19 01:10 PM by BlueMoon.)
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[LW11] Connect T122 to Digital Yacht AIT3000
I'm trying to connect a TackTick MicroNet system to a Digital Yacht AIT3000 so that:
a) I can pass GPS info from AIT to MicroNet and b) I can pass info from MicroNet (depth, speed, etc) to AIT and onwards to a tablet used as a plotter

First plan was to use an Actisense NGW-1 to bridge between the T122 and N2K backbone using the NMEA-1/GPS input and NMEA-2 output on the T122. I am not seeing Lat/Long appear on the MicroNet display so assume the GPS signal isn't getting through. Could be that the Actisense isn't transmitting at the right Baud rate - it is set to the default 4800 baud. I have no sensors on the MicroNet at the moment so don't know if the output works or not.

I tried moving the Actisense output to the T122's NMEA-2 input, thinking the baud rate might be compatible. That didn't work.

I also tried connecting the fast NMEA0183 output from the AIT3000 to the T122's GPS input. Again no joy.

In all cases my voltmeter says there is a signal at the T122's input. The health check on the TackTick display says that the T122 is connected OK.

So I have 4 questions:
a) what baud rate are the three NMEA ports on the T122 configured for?
b) what NMEA0183 sentences does the T122 expect for GPS? AIT is sending GLL, GGA and RMC I think
c) if the T122 receives valid GPS sentences should I expect the MicroNet display to show Lat/Long and maybe date/time?
d) does anyone know for sure if an AIT3000 will work with a T122?
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