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[CA11] RAY240 VHF Handset LCD Screen [E45009]

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[CA11] RAY240 VHF Handset LCD Screen [E45009]
11-18-19, 05:39 PM (This post was last modified: 11-19-19 11:52 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] RAY240 VHF Handset LCD Screen [E45009]
I have a Raymarine radio on my boat and the handset was dropped. A used handset replacement can be as much as $300 on Ebay but I don't need the whole thing. Raymarine sells replacement cords which requires you to open the handset up and it takes about 10 seconds to remove the board from the handset and the LCD from the board once you have it open anyways. Swapping the LCD is no more intrusive than replacing the cord. Sales said they could sell me an LCD screen if I had the part number for the screen but they couldn't find the part number themselves. I was told service would repair the LCD for me but honestly I don't want to spend $150 repairing this handset when I can swap the LCD out myself in under 3 minutes. If anyone has any idea what the part number is for the LCD or a schematic for the device that shows part numbers that would be greatly appreciated. If Raymarine won't sell me just the LCD and anyone knows of a seller on ebay or aliexpress that can supply the $5 screen that would be great too.
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