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[TG11] Axiom Pro with RV100 and TM265 defaults back to RV100 only...
12-05-19, 01:26 AM (This post was last modified: 12-05-19 11:10 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[TG11] Axiom Pro with RV100 and TM265 defaults back to RV100 only...
Hi there,

I am running a new Axiom Pro with RV100 and TM265 transducers.
When setting up sonar pages and selecting the TM265 Tx the settings are not being stored, everytime I go back in to settings to check which Tx is being used it has defaulted back to the RV100.
I am running the latest software, just updated a few days ago.
I can't say if this is new behaviour since the update as this is only my second vacation with this new boat, last time out I hadn't really got my head around all the settings...
I posted this same question in the Facebook group and it seems there are a lot of others having a similar issue.

Thanks in advance.
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12-09-19, 09:34 PM
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RE: [TG11] Axiom Pro with RV100 and TM265 defaults back to RV100 only...
Hi Kenneth,

There are a couple of misconceptions about the way that this works that perhaps are causing what you're seeing:

- you don't select a transducer as such as a channel from that transducer. Most transducers offer more than one frequency, and our software allows you to create 'copies' of frequencies so that you can apply different setup for each for different fishing conditions. For example, you can have two different High Chirp setups, one in Auto Range for jigging for bait or coastal fishing and another in Manual Range set to look at the top 100m only when fishing for marlin or tuna offshore. If you select High Chirp (or Medium Chirp, if your transducer is an LM model), that means that you will be using the TM265 without manually selecting the transducer as such. If you select SV, that comes from the RV100.

- if you select a particular channel, that applies to that fishfinder shortcut on the homescreen, regardless of which display (if more than one) you're using in the system, so if you have two displays and you want to view different channels on each, you need to set up and select different shortcut buttons on the homescreen.

If you go into a particular fishfinder shortcut on the homescreen, select Low Chirp, go back to the homescreen and then back into that same fishfinder app shortcut, the previously-selected channel should be retained. If it's not, perhaps you could tell me what version of software your display is running (Home > Settings > Getting Started) and perhaps provide a short video illustrating the problem?


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