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[TG11] Replacement Transducer
12-14-19, 10:22 PM (This post was last modified: 12-16-19 02:30 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[TG11] Replacement Transducer
Currently running a A98 sounder with the standard CPT 100DVS transducer.
I would like to replace this transducer with a more robust transducer unit as the current transducer is very flimsy and breaks easily.


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12-16-19, 10:36 PM
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RE: [TG11] Replacement Transducer
Hello Rod,

How is your current transducer breaking? What part breaks, and under what circumstances?
We test these transducers and their brackets to be strong enough to withstand water pressure on high-speed boats, but we know that the can be broken if:
  • solvents weakening the transducer/bracket, for example spilt fuel, cleaning liquids or non-neutral solvents or glues used between the transducer bracket and the transom (if you have any white marks on the transducer or bracket that's a certain sign of solvent damage)
  • over-tightening the kick-up tension bolt, which bows the two wings of the bracket inwards and causes a very characteristic crack across the top of the wing, around where that bolt goes. There should be no more than 1mm or so of thread showing outside the nut, the wings of the bracket should still be parallel and not bowed inwards, and there is designed to be a little play in the bracket when there is no water pressure against it.
  • beaching, contact with trailer runners and rollers, Sea-pens and other berthing structures etc.

We don't have another transom-mount transducer type that works with a98 and produces the same sounder performance: the model that does that job is the one you have, so we should find out why yours is getting broken.


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