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[TG] Seatalk ng to Seatalk hs?
01-05-20, 11:40 AM (This post was last modified: 01-06-20 05:06 PM by Tom - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Seatalk ng to Seatalk hs?
I do not understand why you would have a converter Kit for:

SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkng converter

and not have the capability of connecting the Seatalk ng Backbone to existing Seatalk hs ?

Existing System:

a) Qty (2) a78 MFD = a78 MFD with Down Vision sounder, CPT-100 CHIRP Transducer & Navionics+, Charts, = Non- WIFI
b) Radar = Quantum Radome w/ 10 M
c) HS5 Seatalk hs [S/N = A800070451100]
d) CPT120 Bronze Turu Hull CHIRP Down Vision Transducer with Fairing Block

I was wanting the existing system to send a route to the Autopilot.

Manual = 87247-2-EN
Date = 08-2015
Pages 25-27
3.5 Networking constraints
Lead me to believe that the Existing System could be connected to the

I have just installed the following:
1. EV 200 Power Autopilot w? Type 1 Hydraulic Drive Unit
2. EV1 = Sensor Core
3. AC 200 = Autopilot Control Unit
4. p70R = Autopilot Control Head
5. Drive 1 = Hydraulic Pump/Motor
6. Extra Seatalking ng "T"s and Cable

What is the part numbers for the connection from my new Autopilot using Seatalk ng to the existing Seatalk hs and plug into the Existing HS5 Seatalk hs Network Switch

Call or email
Bobby Rees
Mobile = 252-362-3813
Email =
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01-06-20, 05:17 PM
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RE: Seatalk ng to Seatalk hs?
Hello Bobby,

The reason why we don't do a convertor between STNG/NMEA2000 and STHS/Raynet is because they carry different kinds of data. STNG/NMMEA2000 carries standard, manufacturer-independent navigation data (wind, speed, depth, GPS, bearing-to-waypoint, cross-track-error, heading, rudder, etc., etc.), whereas STHS/Raynet carries data which is too high-bandwidth for NMEA2000 and is also proprietary/manufacturer-specific (radar, chart data, sounder, IP video and so on.) The reason why STHS/Raynet exists is to do what NMEA2000 can't: if we could do it all on the one, industry-standard network then we would do so.

You wouldn't/can't connect a pilot directly to STHS/Raynet, instead in your system you connect your Master a78 to the pilot's STNG network. The a78s have an STNG socket. You just need a standard black/white Spur cable, e.g A06040 (3m). It needs to be the Master MFD that you connect to (only the Master talks on STNG and then relays the data to the slave), and you can find which is the Master by looking in Home > Setup > Maintenance > Data Master.


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