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LHII - Following a route from a route point other than the route's origin
02-26-20, 10:30 AM
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LHII - Following a route from a route point other than the route's origin
LHII - Following a route from a route point other than the route's origin

When a route is created, whether it be automatically or manually, its currently stored sequence may be verified by examining the Route Plan (MENU->MY DATA->ROUTES->Select Route Forum List) to determine whether its sequence is as it had been originally created or has been reversed in response to an operator's previous command to do so. Routes will always sequence from the first waypoint listed within the Route Plan to the last waypoint within the Route Plan. Should the route sequence be the inverse of that which is desired, then the route may be reversed (MENU->MY DATA->ROUTES->Select Route Forum List->ROUTE OPTIONS->REVERSE ROUTE DIRECTION).

Should the vessel has moved beyond a route's first waypoint listed within the route plan and the route is then commanded to be followed, then care must be taken to use the Advance Waypoint (MENU->NAVIGATION->ADVANCE WAYPOINT) feature to advance navigation to the first waypoint of the route which one desires to navigate to. This is most commonly the route's second waypoint for to those whose routes first waypoint is their dock, marina, etc.. Failure to do so will cause navigation to be directed to the route's first waypoint ... which the vessel has already moved beyond. Use of this feature requires that navigation of the route (i.e. Follow Route) first be commanded. There is no need to stop following a route to use the Advance Waypoint feature.

It is not uncommon for a vessel to navigate a portion of a route, stop, and then later desire to resume navigation of a route. The Follow From Here feature would would typically be used to initiate navigation of a route via a waypoint which is well away from the route's first or last waypoint of the route. In order to use the Follow From Here feature, navigation of the route must first be stopped (MENU->NAVIGATE->STOP FOLLOW). Only after having verified that the Route Plan is sequenced in the desired direction, should the Follow From Here feature be executed. To command the Follow From Here feature, hold finger / cursor over the route's waypoint where the operator desires that navigation is to resume, and then select FOLLOW FROM HERE from the menu displayed.

When following a route, the autopilot should be steered in the direction of the waypoint being navigated to executing the Follow From Here command and prior engaging the autopilot's Track mode. Finally, please note that the autopilot may steer the vessel to the route's course/leg line if the vessel has strayed off of the course line. If you don't want this to occur and should the bearing from the boat's present position directly to the waypoint keep the vessel in safe waters, then the Restart XTE (MENU->NAVIGATE->RESTART XTE) feature may be used cause navigation from the present position to the waypoint prior to engaging the autopilot.

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