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[LW11] Axiom pro 9 random reboot
05-07-20, 09:59 AM
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RE: [LW11] Axiom pro 9 random reboot
Hi Puddlejockey

Thanks For the Enquiry,

Normally you would start a new thread as these topics are quite different and try to restrict each thread to one subject in order to make it easier for others to follow.

Please disconnect the remote card reader and try the chart card in the back of the AXIOM this will eliminate the remote reader as a possible cause - or confirm it.

If the problem remains, check the power leads into the display in case they are loose damaged or there is a high resistance connection somewhere which is dropping voltage and triggering a reset.

Also try updating the AXIOm software to the current version and then follow that up with a full hard reset 9 Swipe power key 5 times R to L . . . normal power up is 1 swipe L to R)

With regards to the integration with the engine, firstly check the wiring, how is the engine loom interfaced to the STng network, where are the terminators and how many are used in the system etc . .


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