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[CA] [CA11] 2x Axiom pro 12 RVX
03-28-20, 05:12 PM (This post was last modified: 03-30-20 12:48 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] 2x Axiom pro 12 RVX
Hey, hopefully someone can answer this for me. I bought two axiom pro 12's from a member on the hull Truth. Both units are like new everything works mint except the gps connection. I just mounted them in my 31 contender open, flush into the dash. Both units will not connect to a satellite and say no GPS. Is there anything I can check or do before ordering the external antenna. The top on this boat is a cloth T top and I find it hard to believe I can't get satellite connection through it. I had two E127 s before this and had them flush mounted in my other boat under a huge hard top and had no issues.
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03-30-20, 01:03 PM (This post was last modified: 03-30-20 01:03 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA11] 2x Axiom pro 12 RVX
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum awhitlock23,

Past GPS of a different model GPS receiver in a given installation location will not necessarily be an indicator that another GPS receiver will perform identically in that same installation location. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing when an external GPS receiver or external GPS antenna may be required. With regard to surface/flush mounted MFDs, the mounting surfaces may also reduce GPS signal level received by the MFD's internal GPS receiver. It is recommended that you start by ensuring that the internal GPS receiver of at least one of the system's MFDs has been configured to ON (WAITING FOR SATELLITE FIX->SATELLITES->SETTINGS->INTERNAL GPS). Should one of the internal GPS receivers be unable to acquire a quality GPS position FIX and maintain it, then it would be necessary to either interface one of the Axiom Pro MFDs to a GA150 GPS Antenna or interface a Raystar 150 GPS Sensor (best installation practice) to the system's powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone.

If the internal GPS receiver of more than one MFD has been configured ON or if system will be interfaced another source of GPS data, then it would be recommended that the Data Sources feature be executed on the system's Data Master MFD to designate the GPS receiver having the best positioning (with respect to viewing the skies overhead) and performance to be designated as the system's data source for GPS, Date & Time, and GPS Datum.
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