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[CA] [CA11] eS127 system stationary depth issue
04-22-20, 10:04 AM (This post was last modified: 04-22-20 01:42 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] eS127 system stationary depth issue
I have a boat with a factory installed system / 3 each eS127 and 1 eS128 also an I70 , wired Quantum Radar and a ECI100 connected to the Cummins engines. All software is at the 19.03 date .The transducer was replaced and is a B744 with a fairing block. The original transducer was the same model but did not have a fairing block
The customer issue is the same as before the replacement/ seeing depth readings while stationary of 45' while in 6' of water, moving while offshore it reads 25' in 300'.
The readings are not consistent , at the dock when I am on board it was reading the correct depth.
In the settings the transducer is set as a B744 and all other settings are factory after a factory reset was done.
The transducer was switched to the eS127 next to the Master / changed that to Master and there was no change in the issue.

On an other issue- 1 of the eS127 units doesn't display the Shallow Depth Warning, it does see the other units on the Network

One of the eS127 units was replaced due to a bad touchscreen and was replaced with the eS128. I have another eS127 with the same issue now also.

On writing this I will go back and run a test cable over the deck from the ducer to the helm to eliminate that .

My thought was, there is some interference in the system created by the multiple 127 / 128 sonar units or the i70.

Thank you Chuck
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04-22-20, 01:51 PM (This post was last modified: 04-22-20 02:02 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA11] eS127 system stationary depth issue
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum SMS,

As these transducers operate at different frequencies, it should indeed be possible to operate both DownVision and 50kHz/200kHz at the same time ... as many, including myself, have successfully done on their own boats for years. Should noise be eliminated, then the symptoms reported would typically indicate a fault within the internal fishfinder circuitry of the e-Series MFDs necessitating that the internal fishfinder circuitry within one of the MFDs be repaired for use with the transducer. Alternatively, a CP370 may be networked to the MFDs and the transducer may instead be interfaced to the CP370. To leave no stone unturned, please take a photograph of the information which is printed on the transducer's identification tag and attach it to this thread. Regarding the depth alarm, please ensure that the alarm is being configured within the Fishfinder application and that each MFD on which the alarm is to be heard has been interfaced via Ethernet communications to the system, as this alarm will not be communicated via the SeaTalkng bus. Additionally, ensure that this alarm has been configured ON within the Alarm Settings of each MFD.
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