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Networking a95 to non-Raymarine A/P
07-23-16, 10:57 AM
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RE: Networking a95 to non-Raymarine A/P
I recently installed a Raymarine a95 mfd in my sailboat which also has a Comnav Commander P2 autopilot. I have the mfd hooked up to accept my vhs radio's ais signal at the mfd port 1 input set at 38400 baud but the autopilot output requires a baud rate of 4800. Because the manual specifies that the baud rate of the input and output at port 1 must be the same, can I connect the ais output to port 2 at 38400 baud reserving port 1 for the comnav autopilot at 4800 baud or is it preferable to connect the autopilot to the mfd using the Raymarine connection kit #E70196?
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