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ST8002 Cable Sheared
05-03-20, 09:33 AM
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ST8002 Cable Sheared
My ST8002 has been able to provide an accurate heading at the moment I hit "Auto button" but that's about it. The autopilot is NOT engaged when I hit Auto button. Everything looks in order on SG2 course computer and all fuses looked fine. However when I looked at the back of the St8002 head unit the "NMEA IN + and -" connection cable is not there and I found a sheared off end of a cable down behind the head unit [censored] in the dash. I've attached 3 pictures for clarity. My questions:
1. Is this the likely source of my autopilot problem?
2. The connection looks like a spade connector to the + and - "NMEA IN". Is it?
3. What replacement cable do I need to buy?
4. What does it connect to on the other end? I have a Raymarine E120 MFD and a Searay Navigator MFD.
5. Or, does it connect to the autopilot SG2 course computer? (It's a mass of zip tied cables so I can't quite trace it)

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05-07-20, 02:56 PM
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[CC11] RE: ST8002 Cable Sheared
Hi Bob,

Just to clarify, when you hit the Auto button heading shows up and the pilot does not go into Auto? While the ST8002 is power on does it show anything?

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