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[TG] [TG11] Axiom network details ?
05-13-20, 09:21 PM
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RE: [TG11] Axiom network details ?
Hello PacLing,

Quote:For the MFDs which model # Raynet cable would I run to the HS5 hub ?

That depends only on the length of cable you need. You can see the part numbers of Raynet-Raynet cables in various lengths at

Quote:And do I only run one MFD to the HS5 hub and the other to the SeatalkNg backbone ?

Connect both Axioms to the HS5 switch (no-one uses hubs any more, switches provide much better performance) and *at least* the Master MFD to STNG/NMEA2000. Only the Master MFD needs to be connected to STNG, but many installers and owners prefer to connect all MFDs to STNG for redundancy.

Quote:The Quantum 2 radar I'd prefer to run the Raynet wire rather than use the Wifi - do I run the Raynet wire to the HS5 hub or one of the Axiom MFDs ?

Standard Axiom displays only have one Raynet port, Axiom Pros have two (and Axiom XL has three.) It makes no difference to the way the system operates which Raynet port you connect into, but if your displays are both standard Axiom then you won't have any choice except to connect to the HS5.

Quote:The RS-150 GPS antenna runs to the SeaTalkng backbone, I assume?

Correct. Any available white STNG spur socket.

Quote:The RV-100 transducer goes to the master Axiom MFD ?

It doesn't matter. You will get exactly the same functionality whether it connects to the Master or not.

Quote:And the NMEA2000 stereo/VHF, assuming they are not Raymarine, go to the SeaTalk network via SeaTalkng to NMEA2000 adaptor cables ?

You can connect devices that have Micro-C / Devicenet connectors (standard NMEA2000) via Devicenet - STNG adaptor cables such as A06075.


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