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[DG11] Raymarine Autopilot Kit and D10
05-14-20, 07:32 AM (This post was last modified: 05-15-20 06:58 AM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[DG11] Raymarine Autopilot Kit and D10
Hi Raymarine Folks -

Thanks for the continued excellent support on the forum. Also, I have not been able to reply to any thread I've posted to say thank you so far - not sure if the forum is set up that way on purpose, but thanks!

I am installing an autopilot kit purchased by the previous owner. Here's whats in the kit:

+ Hydraulic Type II Arm
+ ACU 400
+ Tiller Sensor
+ P70 Control Unit
+ EV-1
+ *Raymarine D10*

Can someone please explain to me: (Question 1) What is the D10 for and what does it do? (Question 2) Is it optional in the system and how would I make that determination if its options for me? I don't see it listed anywhere in the manual(s) that came with the autopilot kit which I found kind of interesting. If it is optional, it seems curious to me it comes as part of the kit.

I did call into Raymarine Tech support to ask them as well and was told that the D10 turns an analog signal into a digital signal and can be used to send data from older analog transducers into the system. If this is the case, (Question 3) can you help me understand what sort of transducers those might be or how I can tell if my transducers would require the use of the D10?

Asking question number three because I have a depth transducer in one thru-hull (Raymarine E26030, looks like a DT800 in a P17 thru-hull/housing), and a separate-thru-hull for speed that the previous owner plugged because he didn't think that in water speed data coming from thru hull sensor was worthwhile or accurate.

In thinking longer term about my autopilot and system, I would like to set it up to perform well and get the most data it can to work well.

It seems like I have 2 options at the moment:

+ Install the autopilot with existing depth transducer (no speed) and possibly use the D10 if I need to (still unclear to me). Optionally purchase a separate speed transducer and tie that in also with the D10 if needed.

+ Replace the existing depth transducer with something new to make sure it talks to the autopilot without needing the D10, and consider getting a depth + speed transducer in a single unit to simplify my system.

Any thoughts, input, or advice on how to move forward greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

// Phil
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05-15-20, 07:05 AM
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RE: [DG11] Raymarine Autopilot Kit and D10
Hi Phil
Thankyou for your enquiry

The DIO interface is specifically for use with Fly by wire autopilot systems supplied by Beneteau for example who installed an assisted docking system at one time. We used to supply the DIO interface with every Autopilot computer, quite why the previous owner purchased it is difficult to say - you don't generally need it.

It has no relevance to any of the analogue depth or speed transducers. I suspect the confusion has come from the fact the DIO pod is the same external appearance as the pods we supplied for the Depth and Speed analogue transducers to enable them to connect to the SeaTalk 2 network, so unless the wrong cover has been put on one of those depth or speed pods, the DIO interface cannot be used for that purpose.

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05-15-20, 10:55 AM
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RE: [DG11] Raymarine Autopilot Kit and D10
Fantastic - thank you for the response and the clarification.

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