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[JB] [JB] Type II Hydraulic Hose Specs Question
05-15-20, 11:06 AM (This post was last modified: 05-19-20 11:46 PM by Jules - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[JB] Type II Hydraulic Hose Specs Question
Hello Raymarine Folks,

I have just finished mounting all the different parts for my Type II Hydraulic Autopilot. I am very excited.

In order to meet the requirements for the installation in the manual, I had to place the hydraulic pump and the reservoir further away from each other than I would have liked, and also with a tighter turn than I would have liked. This has resulted in a small kink in the hose coming out of the pump heading to the reservoir.

In looking it over I think I will be best served in the long term by replacing this hose to make sure the Hydraulic Fluid supply is running clear and without any kink. I am looking now to have a replacement hose made, one that will (1) exit the pump with a fitting / hook up that has a 90 degree turn to fix the kink and (2) is slightly longer - about 1 ft - than the original to accommodate a needed turn to get to the reservoir.

I checked the manual, but could not find the following info:

+ What is the required rated pressure for the hydraulic lines? I want to make sure I meet or exceed the required PSI rating.

+ Is there a part name or specification for the fittings / hook ups on either end of the hose (Pump >> Reservoir and vice versa) so that when I have the hose made I can specify the right hook ups on the end of the hoses to interface with the pump and the reservoir respectively.

Thank you again for the wonderful and timely support - this forum has been very helpful.

// Phil
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05-20-20, 12:05 AM
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RE: [JB] Type II Hydraulic Hose Specs Question
Hello Phil,

You certainly don't want any kinks in a hydraulic hose as that's certainly the beginning of a failure before the system even starts operating.

Specifications on hydraulic drives can be found here Raymarine Drive Unit Selection

The Hydraulic Pump Installation Manual mentions 1/4" BSP bonded rubber/metal seals and if required 1/4" BSP to 1/4" NPT adapters are in the kit. As the vessel steering relies so heavily on a hydraulics system it is best that a hydraulic industry professional be consulted on correctly fitting components.

Happy boating and kind regards
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