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ACU-100 Not Communicating
05-26-20, 11:49 AM
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ACU-100 Not Communicating

I have an autopilot system onboard my sailboat. I am receiving a "No Drive Detected" message on the p70S. The ACU-100 LED is flashing short flash red on (x7), long flash off. Cycle repeats after 9 seconds. Note: LED continues to flash this way even when disconnected from SeaTalk NG bus and after cycling power.

The system was installed in 2017 and was working fine as of several months ago - the last time tried to use the system. Since this time, I added an Axiom 7 to the Seatalk NG bus. The Axiom 7 is communicating fine with the p70S. Using the p70S system diagnostic, it inventories the Axiom 7 and EV-1 but not the ACU-100. To troubleshoot, I have temporarily removed the Axiom 7 and bus extension, verified wiring, re-seated connections, checked power, reset p70S to factory settings - all with no luck - the ACU-100 LED continues to flash the same and is not detected on the bus.

System details:
RAYM EV-100 p70s Wheel Pilot T70152-p70S S/N: 0560305
EVOLUTION EV1 Sensor Core S/N: 0660742
ACU-100 E70098 S/N: 1001898
ST4000+ MkII Wheel Drive Unit
AXIOM 7 DV E70364 S/N: 0290535

Thoughts? Thanks for your help!

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06-01-20, 02:57 PM
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RE: ACU-100 Not Communicating
Hello jeff_rusincovitch,

The status led is indicating there are no comms between the ACU-100 and the system. I would double check the cable connections on the cable that goes from the ACU-100 to the backbone. If it is not that it would appear the ACU-100 has developed an issue and may need to be sent into our service dept. for evaluation.

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