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[LW] [LW11] Issue with Raymarine S3 (fluxgate problem)
05-27-20, 03:21 AM (This post was last modified: 05-28-20 09:19 AM by Louise - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[LW11] Issue with Raymarine S3 (fluxgate problem)

I have currently an issue with my raymarine S3 with an independant smart heading system raymarine. Problems started last week:

After a tack on west, autopilot was clutched and autopilot started to deviate, i pushed standby and the heading was turning in all direction with a deviation of almost 150 degrees. When I pushed on Auto, error message: No data. It's for sure comming from fluxgate compass
The day after, i did a swing in the seatrial cal, with a final deviation of 4degrees. No problem in the next days, all was fine.

2 days ago, new issue with similar problem, did a new calibration and final deviation of 3 degrees. Back from sailing, i decided to check wires of Fluxgate compass. I removed them from course computer and test their resistance. They were 3 or 4 times highest than the normal value i found on this forum. I was sure to find issue and remove the compass from the boat to open it at home. Inside, no corrosion, looks fine. I tested a new time resistance, they were in the normal range ( around 6 Ohm and 10 Ohm) with the same instrument.

Precision: wire were not cutted and there are almost 8 meters of extra who where rolled together with a colson during the first mesurement. At home, it was not the case.
Is it possible is it due to that? Or just fluxgate who is dead? Or worse, the course computer?
thank you
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06-03-20, 06:49 AM
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RE: [LW11] Issue with Raymarine S3 (fluxgate problem)
Dear exelan,

Many thanks for your post.

The fluxgate can be extended up to 60m, there could be an issue with the extension currently in place. I suggest checking the cable for damage on the cable and connections if the compass is measuring ok without the extension.

Many Thanks
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