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Dodge Mode with p70r autopilot

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Dodge Mode with p70r autopilot
06-30-16, 03:27 PM
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Dodge Mode with p70r autopilot
I recently installed and sea trialed my new p70r / EV-1 autopilot system. I am used to a very old Raymarine autopilot (used the ST5000 head with fluxgate compass) which had a "dodge mode" feature. In this feature if the autopilot was steering in track mode to an obstacle, the skipper could input a degree deviation, e.g. 10 degrees starboard or whatnot, and the course would deviate accordingly and then return to the course. The pilot would remain in track mode the entire time.

It appears with the p70r that if you use the knob to deviate from an object, that the pilot leaves track mode and reverts to "auto" mode (i.e. it simply follows the magnetic heading) until you manual command it back into track mode to continue following the course waypoints. Oddly, the p70r manual appears to make no real mention of "dodge mode." Am I understanding operation correctly?

The unit functions perfectly but I do want to understand the above, as here in Southern California there is a plethora of lobster traps, buoys, not to mention ships that require frequent course deviations when following a multi-waypoint route.


M/V Bounty (Sea Ray Sundancer 34)
C90w, i70, P70r, EV-200 Evolution autopilot
Huntington Harbour, California USA
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