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Some SR100 weather features not working while others are working
07-01-16, 08:43 AM (This post was last modified: 01-11-17 09:12 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Some SR100 weather features not working while others are working
Some SR100 weather features not working while others are working

If having issues with some of supported SR100 weather features not working while others are found to be working, the problem may be rooted in low satellite signal strength (check the signal strength indication specified within the upper right hand corner of the Weather application's titlebar) or failure to have updated the SR100 with the latest software. The latest SR100 software update also added support fo Sirius Satellite Radio. Please additionally note that the marine zone forecast feature is dependent upon the vessel being in the marine zone or the Weather application being commanded to provide the forecast at the cursor's position. Please note that this feature is also dependent upon the marine zone boundaries which have been hard coded into the MFD's software. Please note that NOAA has changed the boundaries of several marine zones since software updates for the E-Series Classic MFDs wer retired. Correspondingly, the MFD may be report that it is unable to access marine zone forecasts for some marine zones.

The latest and final software release for the SR100 is version SDR200707152118 released in January 2008.

Upgrading the SR100 using a E-Series Display Unit
The SR100 software can be upgraded through a connection to an E-Series display. The upgrade requires a blank CompactFlash card and a CompactFlash reader/writer.
To complete the software upgrade you must have all of the following parts:
• Any E-Series Multifunction Navigation Display (E80 or E120)
• SeaTalk High Speed Network Cable (These are available in four lengths)
o E55049 (1.5 meters)
o E55050 (5 meters)
o E55051 (10 meters)
o E55052 (20 meters)
The cables are available through any Authorized Raymarine Dealer. In North America the cables can be ordered directly from Raymarine Customer Service by calling 603-881-5200 ext. 2333
• A San Disk brand Compact Flash (CF) memory card (32MB - 256MB)
• A Compact Flash reader/writer
• A Microsoft Windows or Macintosh computer
• E-Series v4.29 and SR100 Upgrade SDR200707152118 available from the dealer area.
Upgrade Instructions:
1. Download the attached WinZip file. Extract the contents of the WinZip file to the root level directory of the Compact Flash memory card.
2. This step intentionally left blank
3. Power off both the E-Series display and the SR100.
4. Connect the E-Series display to the SR100 via the SeaTalkhs cable. If you SR100 and ESeries are already installed and connected to the SeaTalkhs Network Switch, you do not
need to disconnect them.
5. Insert the CF card into the E-Series card reader. Power the display on.
6. The status LED on the SR100 must be blinking amber or green. Sirius antenna does not have to be connected to perform upgrade.
7. Use the E-Series track pad to highlight the file named “SR100 v1.1” in the left column.
8. Press the Upgrade Remote Unit soft key.
9. Press the Upgrade Remote Unit on “Ethernet” soft key. The Upgrade progress bar appears.
10. The progress bar will begin updating. If they do not begin updating within 30 seconds, check:
a. that the correct software revision was selected.
b. that the SR50/SR100 weather receiver is powered ON and status LED is flashing.
c. that the display/weather receiver data cable connection is intact.
11. When the update process is complete, remove the CF card from the card reader slot.
12. Press the CLEAR key one time, and then Press the REBOOT soft key. Your display will restart automatically. Your SR100 weather receiver system and display are now ready for normal operation. For full details of how to operate your SR100 Weather and Audio Application refer to the E-Series Multifunction Display handbook. A copy of this manual is available from the E80 and E120 product pages

Confirming a Successful Upgrade
Beyond normal operation, successful upgrade to the SR100 can be confirmed through the E-Series’ on-board diagnostic features.
• Restart both the E-Series display and the SR100 by switching them off, then on.
• On the E-series press MENU, and then select SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS.
• On the second line of the RX Status window, the “SDR Software Version” should read SDR200707152118
• Press CLEAR several times to exit the menus.


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