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C95 update v17 and navionic chart resolution issue
07-14-16, 07:52 PM
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C95 update v17 and navionic chart resolution issue
I updated my c95 mfd to version 17 and my navionics chart for the Pacific Northwest and am now unable to view any detail north of my current latitude. Charts for my current position (near Seattle) and south can be viewed with all detail appearing. Attempts to view areas north of my current position result in the plotter zooming in without detail. So, basically it's all blurred and no detail, I.e obstacles, local depths etc.

I went back and got another download of the software update, did the install, did a factory reset and got the latest update on the chart. No improvement. As a side note, auto routing will work to the south where I have detail but not to the north where the chart detail is not available. All this worked fine before the update. Can I go back to my older version of the software, was last updated in Septemebr 2015? How do I get this resolved?

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07-18-16, 03:36 PM
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RE: C95 update v17 and navionic chart resolution issue
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jeff,

This is the first such report of the problem described/shown in conjunction with v17.45 and Navionics cartography. We have similarly been unable to reproduce the problem in our offices when looking at the boundary areas. Correspondingly, we have a concern that the problem may be data driven. All Navionics chart cards which are compatible with these MFDs or that have been separately purchased would have been eligible for one free year of Freshest Data updates from Navionics ( Should you not already have done so, then it is recommended that your chart card's contents be updated with Navionics Freshest Data to ensure that it has been updated with the latest available content. Should the problem persist thereafter, then please respond with the coordinates of the problematic location and a photo of the Navionics chart card microSD to SD adapter sleeve in order that we may further attempt to duplicate and correct the problem.
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