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07-19-16, 09:57 AM
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A lot of good information posted on this already. My E92129 is connected via SeaTalk E85001 to an E Classic 120 and 80. The radar software is 1.04. A diagnostic self test results in Scanner Status Code 0 and Scanner shutdown Code 619. The radar is on a dedicated circuit breaker. Power has been tested. All connections have been checked. The scanner starts up normally when the MFD is powered on. Underway, the scanner will shut down and display the "No Data Source" window after 45 minutes like clock work. Within seconds the countdown begins and I can hit the MFD power button, transmit etc and radar functions for a minute, and cycles again into count down etc. After the 3rd time the radar won't even go into countdown. I even tried not putting the radar into transmit mode but the "do data" window appears at 45 minutes. Periodically this happens within the initial minutes of operation, but for sure at 45 minutes. At the dock, with or without shore power, the "no data" window will rarely appear, but the radar will never completely of down. It is not a loss of power as when the circuit breaker is shut off, the connection lost window appears. I read a Raymarine notice that E-Series & Digital Radar compatibility requires a software upgrade if the version is 1.24 or earlier. I don't know if this refers to E-Classic or not, further there is no software downloads available for the RD418D. Any thoughts? Thank you
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07-19-16, 10:26 AM
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Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Matt,

This has all of the symptoms of a insufficient current being supplied to the radome. It is recommended that the entire power and ground circuits (from the radome's socket through all terminal strips, connectors, switches, breaker panels, bus cables, to batteries) be inspected to ensure that all cables are in good shape, all connections are free of corrosion, and that all connections are tight. Should the problem not occur when the vessel is connected to shore power, then the vessel's batteries should be serviced, fully charged, and then load tested ... and replaced if necessary. If operating the electronics for extended periods of time without the engine(s) charging the electronics battery(s), then you may want to consider adding additional battery capacity onboard the vessel. Should the problem occur when reoccur when connected to shore power, then it would be recommended that the radome be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench tested / serviced.

No software updates are available for Digital Radomes unless internal circuit boards of the radome are replaced ... and such updates would then be performed by the Product Repair Center when any such circuit boards are replaced. E-Series Classic MFDs must be updated with v5.51 or later software when interfaced to a Digital Radome.
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