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SPX-10 with ST6001 Control Head
07-25-16, 03:13 PM
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SPX-10 with ST6001 Control Head
I just installed a new old-stock SPX-10 course computer as an upgrade to the S1G computer in my existing Raymarine autopilot system consisting of a ST6001 control head (which I have read in these forums should be compatible with the SPX-10), fluxgate compass, and hydraulic pump to eliminate the need for a rudder position sensor which has frequently caused me problems. The system was working perfectly before I installed the SPX-10. Installation was plug and play. Remove the S1G computer, connect 12V power, 12V output to the pump, inputs from the fluxgate compass, and Seatalk network connection from the control head to the SPX-10. When I power the system up, the control head displays the message "NO PILOT". I verified the 12V power supply to the computer and the Seatalk connection was working before the switch from the S1G to the SPX-10, so I'm thinking this is a problem with the SPX-10. All fuses are good. I read through the setup manual for the ST-6001 and I can't see any setup parameter that it looks like I need to change for the SPX-10, but of course the SPX-10 wasn't available yet when the ST6001 manual was written?

Could you please verify that the ST6001 is compatible with the SPX-10? Is there anything else with this installation that you recommend I check? What should I be seeing for voltage at the Seatalk terminals?
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07-28-16, 07:38 AM
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RE: SPX-10 with ST6001 Control Head
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum bradleyj,

The ST6001 Autopilot Control Head is indeed compatible with SPX Autopilot Course Computers. Not configuration settings need be changed within the ST6001 to function with the SPX-10. NO PILOT is a indication that the autopilot control head is not communicating with the SPX-10. It is recommended that the SeaTalk connections between the SPX-10 and MFD be inspected to ensure continuity within the SeaTalk cable from the black molded press-fit SeaTalk plug to the green SeaTalk connector used to mate the cable to the autopilot course computer. Should no faults be found, then it would be recommended that the ST6001 be tested again with the S1G to verify whether the NO PILOT message persists. If so, then the ST6001 would be deemed to have suffered a failure of its SeaTalk communications circuitry and will need to be replaced with a p70/p70R Autopilot Control Head. Should the NO PILOT message not persist, then the SPX-10 Autopilot Course Computer should either be replaced or sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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