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Could old software be responsible for product performance problems?
12-31-15, 12:39 PM (This post was last modified: 02-06-20 03:13 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Could old software be responsible for product performance problems?
Could old software be responsible for product performance problems?

One of the first steps which should be undertaken to correct a performance problem with a Raymarine system is to ensure that each product within the Raymarine system has been updated with the latest available product software. Raymarine product software update information and downloads may be found on the Raymarine software update web page. Should the performance problem persist after having done so, then Raymarine stands ready to support its customers via phone support, this forum, and Raymarine's dealer/installer network.

Like most current consumer electronics manufacturers, Raymarine posts software update for its products on its Software Updates web page. Raymarine product software updates not only include feature feature corrections, but also additions and enhancements. As such, Raymarine strongly recommends that customers monitor its Software Updates web page and that Raymarine products be maintained with the latest available software updates. Since the introduction of the C-Series Classic MFDs (C70, C80, C120) in 2004, Raymarine’s Multifunction Displays (MFDs) and GPS/Chartplotters have been designed to be updated using memory cards commonly utilized with electronics products of the period in which the Raymarine MFD or GPS/Chartplotter was introduced. Utilization of commonly available memory cards with Raymarine MFDs and GPS/Chartplotters permit customers to easily maintain the software within their products. With the introduction of the a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD v15.59 software update, Wi-Fi equipped a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs may also be updated via their respective Wi-Fi interfaces. Once updated with a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD v15.59 software, these MFDs may also use their respective Wi-Fi interfaces to download and remotely update many networked Raymarine devices featuring a SeaTalkng or Ethernet (SeaTalkhs/RayNet) communications interface. Raymarine products may also be updated by:

- Raymarine dealers equipped to perform this service … consult your dealer
- Certified Raymarine Installers
- Raymarine’s Product Repair Centers

The following Raymarine MFDs and GPS/Chartplotters are designed to be updated via memory cards using software downloaded from Raymarine’s Product Software Updates web page:

- C-Series Classic MFDS (C70, C80, C120): 32-128MB CF memory card [i]
- E-Series Classic MFDs (E80, E120): 32-128MB CF memory card [i]
- G-Series GPM400: 32-128MB CF memory card [i]
- RC400: 32-128MB CF memory card [i]
- RC435, RC435i: 32-128MB CF memory card [i]
- A60/A65 Chartplotter/Fishfinder Displays: 32-128MB CF memory card [i]
- C-Series Widescreen MFDs (C90W, C120W, C140W): ≥ 64MB CF memory card
- E-Series Widescreen MFDs (E90W, E120W, E140W): ≥ 64MB CF memory card
- A-Series MFDs (A50, A50D, A57D, A70, A70D): 32-128MB CF memory card [i]
- a-Series MFDs (a65, a67, a68, a75, a77, a78): 4-32GB microSD memory card
- c-Series MFDs (c95, c97, c125, c127): 4-32GB microSD memory card
- e-Series MFDs (e7, e7D, e95, e97, e125, e127, e165): 4-32GB microSD memory card
- eS-Series MFDs (eS75, eS78, eS95, eS97, eS98, eS127, eS128): 4-32GB microSD memory card
- gS-Series MFDs (gS95, gS125, gS165): 4-32GB microSD memory card

MFDs featuring SeaTalkng and/or SeaTalkhs/RayNet ports may be used to update the software within other Raymarine products featuring SeaTalkng and/or SeaTalkhs/RayNet ports respectively (ex. ST70, i70, p70, SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter, SPX5/10/30, ST70 AP Control Head, SR100, SR150, DSM30/300, etc). The following Raymarine MFDs feature SeaTalkng and/or SeaTalkhs/RayNet ports:

- E-Series Classic MFDs (operating with v5.69 E-Series Classic MFD software)
- G-Series GPM400
- C-Series Widescreen MFDs
- E-Series Widescreen MFDs
- A-Series MFDs
- a-Series MFDs
- c-Series MFDs
- e-Series MFDs
- eS-Series MFDs
- gS-Series MFDs

The diagnostics menu options of autopilot control heads and instruments may be used to determine the version of software installed within instrument displays and autopilots featuring a SeaTalkng communications interface. The software versions of interfaced SeaTalkng and SeaTalkhs/RayNet devices may be determined via the Diagnostics features of some MFDs:

A-Series MFDs:
- SeaTalkng: N/A – check diagnostics feature of the remote device, if available.

E-Series Classic MFDs, C-Series Widescreen MFDs, E-Series Widescreen MFDs, and GPM400:
- SeaTalkng: N/A – check diagnostics feature of the remote device, if available.

a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs:

Software update methods:

- AIS350: … update via USB connection to PC
- AIS650: … update via AIS650’s SD memory card reader

Autopilots … update via via MFD though SeaTalkng interface

Fishfinder Sounder Modules … update via MFD though SeaTalkhs/RayNet interface

SiriusXM Satellite Weather/Radio Recievers … update via MFD though SeaTalkhs/RayNet interface

Instruments & iTC-5 … update via via MFD though SeaTalkng interface

SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter: v1.21 … update via via MFD though SeaTalkng interface

ECI-100 ... update via via MFD though SeaTalkng interface

[i] With the understanding that A-Series Classic MFDs and C/E-Series Classic MFDs were designed more than 15 years ago, products of this time period were designed for use with CF memory cards having slower memory access times and smaller capacities than the CF memory cards which are commonly available today. The CF memory card limitations of the boot loaders of these MFDs are common to products designed for use with CF memory cards which were produced during this same period (ex. digital cameras, Pocket PCs, etc.). While compatible CF memory cards were plentiful at the time that these MFDs were introduced, they are somewhat challenging to locate in the marketplace today. As such, it has been recommended that should one not possess a CF memory card which has been previously used to successfully update one's MFD, that a compatible CF memory card, populated with the software update files for one's A-Series Classic MFD, C-Series Classic MFD, or E-Series Classic MFD, be ordered from Radar Marine, Inc. (360.733.2012). Doing so would also eliminate the risk of purchasing a CF memory card which is incompatible with the MFD for performing software updates.

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