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09-01-16, 09:12 PM
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My dealer installed an EV1 heading sensor to my Raymarine MFD 9" e series last year as when you went in certain directions everything was backwards. That solved the problem. My boat is a 2014 Monterey 340SY. I do not have an autopilot. I see you can download software updates for the EV1 but it sounds like that would only be if you had the autopilot? If that is so then I would not be able to do any kind of update to the EV1. Also does the EV1 need to be calibrated somehow each year or every so often? We installed it and it worked fine and I do not think we did any kind of calibration. This year the channel markers are a little bit off on my GPS so I was wondering if it needed to be calibrated. Monterey gave me this heading sensor for free to solve my issue but I did not get any instructions on calibrating. Maybe the manual is on line - I did not look. Also I am trying to remember if I had to tell my chart plotter that the heading sensor was present - I have looked in the manual on that but it only really talks about the heading sensor as it relates to an autopilot. I know you should not need this sensor for the chart plotter to work properly but it was the only thing that solved my issue as it had something to do with the 2 vessel views units (1 for each engine)
and Mercury did not have any fix for it. I still can't see speed over ground on the vessel views but it shows up on the raymarine. Not sure that has anything to do with my question on calibration but for some reason the vessel views and the raymarine do not work 100% with each other
Any help is appreciated.
Frank Clemente
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09-02-16, 12:27 PM
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Welcome to the Raymarine Forum fclemente695,

Please note that the software of an EV-1/EV-2 Sensor Core is designed to be updated by a/c/e/e/S-Series MFDs, C/E-Series Widescreen MFDs, E-Series Classic MFDs, and G-Series systems. As you EV-1 Sensor Core is not been installed as part of an Evolution Autopilot System, it should not be necessary to update its software unless experiencing a problem with it. The EV-1 Sensor Core will continuously calibrate itself unless a p70/p70R Autopilot Control Head has been used to command heading to be locked. In the absence of a p70/p70R, any adjustments to heading would require that the EV-1/2 Sensor Core be rotated within its mount.

As it is a guideline of this forum to restrict threads to a single subject, the VV SOG issue, please create a separate thread to address that issue. When doing so, be certain to identify how the VV system has been interfaced to your Raymarine system.
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