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C80 MFD / RD218 Radar Problem
11-17-16, 06:17 PM
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C80 MFD / RD218 Radar Problem
Power up yesterday and my radar is not working, it was fine a couple of weeks ago and I have not done anything to either system. The plotter software is the latest available.

On power up of the C80, using a radar display, I get a brief message "no data source", then a one minute countdown "checking HW", then a brief "no data source" and then a continuous display of "scn incompatible", scanner fault(s), scanner HW.

The transmit and standby buttons are greyed out and non functioning. The connections at radar plug at the MFD appears fine and resistance measurements match those of another user that posted in this forum. I have a junction block at the mast base and all is clean and tight there, both from the MFD and to the scanner. I have not been up the mast to check the terminal board inside the scanner. That will be my next mission unless one of you have additional info for me. Results of diagnostics are as follows:


antenna parking offset: 0

mbs adjust: 0

gain preset: 0

stc preset: 0

tune preset: 0


scanner software version: V11.00

scanner serial number: 0000000-00000

heater hour count: 0.0

scanner reset count: 0

magnetron current: 0

rotation time: 0ms

display comms: fail

cable test status: fail

shp sensor: pass

magnetron heater: pass

eeprom write: pass

eeprom read: pass

factory setup: pass

stc preset max: 0

video test: fail

receiver supply 12V: pass

receiver supply -5V: pass

receiver supply 5V: pass

IF tuned: pass


scanner software version: V11.00

scanner type: unknown

scanner power: 0kw

spokes per sweep: 2048

pulse widths: 3

minimum gain: 70

maximum gain: 226

minimum sea clutter: 0

maximum sea clutter: 190

minimum rain clutter: 50

maximum rain clutter: 215

minimum FTC: 0

maximum FTC: 122

From the self test, there are a number of fails that indicate connection or cabling issues, yet there are number of "passes" that lead me to believe that the unit is certainly not dead, and that some communication at least is occurring. Significant to me is the rotation speed of 0ms. Would something as simple as a broken or slipped belt cause this as well as the other fails such as the video fail? Also the cable test failing concerns me. Would having a poor connection at the scanner terminal board result in this set of symptoms?

Any and all comments would be most welcome from Raymarine or users that have seen similar trouble with their own systems. Many thanks in advance.
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11-18-16, 09:27 AM (This post was last modified: 11-18-16 09:36 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: C80 MFD / RD218 Radar Problem
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum charris,

The most common cause for the symptom reported within a system which had been previously working, no physical changes have taken place, and no removal and/or re-installation of equipment has taken place is insufficient power to the radome or pedestal. Accordingly, it is recommended that all power and ground leads be inspected from the batteries through the breaker panel to the pedestal (for open array radar systems only) and MFD to ensure that appropriate gauges of marine grade wire have been used, that they are free of damage, corrosion, and that all electrical connections are tight. After verifying that this is so, then the vessel should be connected to shore power, it batteries be permitted to be fully charged, and that afterwards and while still connected to shore power that the system be tested. Should the problem persist, then it is recommended that the radar cable be tested per the procedure specified within the FAQ found here. Should the radar cable be found to have suffered a failure, then it should be replace. Should no fault be found with the radar cable, then the problem would typically indicate a failure within the radome or pedestal. As Raymarine can no longer provide parts and service for radomes and pedestals featuring analog video interfaces, it would either be necessary to replace the radome or pedestal with one from the second hand market or replace the MFD, radome or pedestal, and radar cable with currently manufactured product. Far less frequently, the symptoms reported are rooted in the MFD. Should the cable test have passed and you believe that the problem may be rooted in the MFD, then it is recommended that the MFD be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked. With respect to servicing C-Series Classic MFDs, please note that Raymarine's ability to service these retired MFDs is no quite limited.
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11-18-16, 03:19 PM
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RE: C80 MFD / RD218 Radar Problem
Thanks for your input Chuck. Got the scanner today, there was water in it, drained it, dried it, seems the drain screw was tight. When we loosened it about half a cup of water came out of the radome. There is a fair bit of surface corrosion (shows as white patches on exposed metal) but all connections appeared good. We released them all and used contact cleaner on all. Unfortunately no change in response. We have done a check with full power and no change. Will see what I can find in the way of a cable check in this forum. I also have access to another C80 classic MFD, so will use that to see if any change.

Can you confirm that if the scanner does indeed need replacement and I wish to go new, that I can purchase a new Raymarine digital radar c/w cable that will interface properly to the C80 MFD with version 5.16 software installed?
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11-18-16, 03:40 PM
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RE: C80 MFD / RD218 Radar Problem

Unfortunately, Raymarine ceased manufacturing radomes and open array pedestals which were compatible with the C-Series Classic MFDs. Per the prior response, should you desire to continue using the C80 MFD and be seeking a replacement for it, then it would be necessary to replace the radome with one from the second hand market. Please see private the private message which will be sent to you later this afternoon on this subject.
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