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wind transducer setup
01-22-17, 07:15 PM
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RE: wind transducer setup
Sorry to not clarify previously, it is a ST-70 wind pod. I attached a picture of the sticker on the box if those numbers help identify. Regarding it's age, that requires the long story.

In 2014 I originally purchased a T70226 package that included a DST-800 transducer, i70 MFD, an iTC-5 and a wind transducer. There were problems with the transducer setup that were the subject of a Forum thread which doesn't seem to have a conclusion and may have been truncated.

As noted in that thread the technical support in New Hampshire had me send in some components, they kept the iTC-5 and gave me back a DST-800 ng and this wind pod for my wind transducer.

I finally unstepped the mast this winter to do some work and installed the wind transducer which brings the history up to date.

Is it possible this is a software issue because the wind pod is older than the i70 software? Should I be seeing any sort of wind speed numbers even without going through the calibration setup? The wind direction indicators seem to work or at least they are moving but the wind speed box just reads 0.0.
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