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wind transducer setup
02-05-17, 07:10 PM
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RE: wind transducer setup
I verified all the wires at the wind pod are on the correct terminals and checked the voltage as described in your reference. The results are as follows:

Red to Shield - 7.9 volts
Blue to Shield - 4.7 volts
Green to Shield - .5 to 1.2 volts
Yellow to Shield - 2.5 volts in light wind

Per the document all the voltages are in the correct range except for the green wire (starboard directional). Would this indicate a problem with the transducer itself? And why would the wind speed not be showing on any of the screens when the wind speed voltage signal seems to be correct?

For your reference I've also attached a diagram showing the layout and connections for all the equipment on my boat. Just in case there is any other possible cause.

Thank you
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