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Which CHIRP transducer(s) is best for use with my CP470/CP570?
02-22-17, 03:34 PM (This post was last modified: 02-23-17 10:23 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Which CHIRP transducer(s) is best for use with my CP470/CP570?
Which CHIRP transducer(s) is best for use with my CP470/CP570?

Please click here to view an article within the Marine Electronics Journal which many have found helpful in selecting the frequency range and beam width of a CHIRP transducer to match the type of fishing that one will be undertaking. Airmar, Inc. manufactures the CP470/CP570 compatible CHIRP transducers for Raymarine. Please additionally click here to view a document produced by Airmar, Inc. providing greater detail concerning CHIRP technology, the types of CHIRP transducer, and recommendations for installation of transducers. After determining the frequency range for the CHIRP transducer(s) to be installed, the transducers are further differentiated from one another based upon the following criteria:
- installation method: thru-hull w/fairing block, low profile thru-hull, tilted element thru-hull, in-hull, transom mounted ... maximum performance is generally associated with thru-hull transducers having a fairing block
- output power ... while the CP470/CP570 may be interfaced to any compatible CHIRP transducer, power output will be limited to the maximum power output supported by the transducer or 2kW for compatible CHIRP transducer rated for more than 2kW output
- single element vs dual element - dual element transducers combine low and medium, or low and high CHIRP ferquency elements within a single transducers
- number of ceramic elements ... larger and more complex transducer designs feature more ceramic elements. With larger numbers of ceramic elements, lower Q, increased depth performance, and increased target definition will typically result
- beam width ... wide beam transducer are the transducers of choice for those fishing relatively shallow water

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