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EV-150 - Install

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EV-150 - Install
04-20-17, 10:53 PM
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EV-150 - Install
I received my EV-150 this week and installed it today. I called tech support before I installed to make sure that I had all the necessary cables and connectors. When I talked with the technician they said that the EV-150 would provide power to the Satalk network. So I was like - great - I have all the necessary cables. When I got to my boat- I installed and found out that the EV-150 does NOT power the network. The EV-200 has a switch and the EV-100 doesn't. So the EV-150 is like the EV-100. I jumped power from the Power to the EV-150 to the Seatalk cable connector since I didn't have the necessary cables and it worked. So until I order the necessary cables - I got it to work.

Thought I would share my situation for others. The EV-150 is not in any documentation.
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