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Issue when following a route on my E70275-NAG
05-01-17, 10:18 AM
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Issue when following a route on my E70275-NAG
I'm having an issue when following a route on my newly installed E70275-NAG MFD.

Please see video here:

I have a very simple route created, it’s named “River South”, the first waypoint is at the end of my dock named “River South 1”. Sitting at the dock, I attempt to “Follow Route”, the system asks if I would like to engage pilot at waypoint “River South 1”, the correct waypoint. After clicking no, the system starts to wait for me to near waypoint “River South 1”, even though I never move the boat, the system then advances to waypoint “River South 2”, waits a bit, then to waypoint “River South 3”. It sits on waypoint “River South 3” until I tell the system to stop following.

This is very bad, especially if the pilot is engaged!!

I have the latest updates installed and my system consists of the following components:

E70275-NAG - eS98 9" MFD w/Navionics
T70243 - Quantum 18" w/10m Power / Data cables
T70156 - EV-200 Auto Pilot Kit
M81120 - Raypilot Type 1 12V Pump
E70099 - ACU-200
E70096 - Evolution EV-1 Sensor Core
E70329 - P70RS Autopiot control head (rotary)

Please help.

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05-01-17, 03:49 PM
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RE: Issue when following a route on my E70275-NAG
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum John,

Per our discussion this morning, the issue reported is associated with a large radius for the Waypoint Arrival Circle (HOME->SET-UP->ALARMS->SAFETY ALARMS->WAYPOINT ARRIVAL). The default setting for Arrival Circle radius is 0.1nm (approx. 600'). This value may be reduced to as little as 0.01nm (approximately 60'). In this specific case, the vessel was located within the arrival circle of the route's first two waypoints, causing the associated notifications and for navigation to then resume at the route's third waypoint. When the MFD or autopilot control head is used to acknowledge that it is safe to steer to the next waypoint of the route, then the boat will immediately execute steering changes. However, should it be desired that the vessel initiate the turn in much closer proximity to waypoint, then the waypoint arrival circle setting will need to be decreased accordingly.
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