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05-07-17, 07:21 PM
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I'm in the process of putting new electronics on my sailboat.

Currently I have an ST60 Wind, ST60 Tri-Data (Depth, Speed, Temp) and an ST6000+ Autopilot Head connected to a Type 300 Course Computer. Currently I have a C70 and an analog radar.

I'm pulling out the C70 and Radar and replacing it with a A95 at the helm and an A65 below at the Nav station. Here is my question

It looks like I can interface all the ST 60s and ST6000 to the A95 with a SeaTalk NG converter. Can I connect both the A65 and the new HD Radar to the back of the A95's two network ports and have the radar available to both devices or do I need to buy a switch?

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