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Raymarine Axiom Dashboard
05-17-17, 06:10 AM
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Raymarine Axiom Dashboard
First, I want to begin by stating I am a novice. I have my Axiom hooked up and the Basic & Advanced Manuals printed. Unfortunately, I don't think the Advanced Manual goes into as much detail as needed for the Dashboard app. Is there an explanation of the acronyms on the Dashboard App pages. Obviously, some of the pages are self explanatory such as the Tanks, Time, and Fuel pages. Some of the Acronyms I'm not familiar with like COG, SOG, DTE, BTW, DTW, AWA, VMG, and TWS. Is DTW - Distance to waypoint? Others like kts - knots, wpt - waypoint, eta - estimated time of arrival are familiar.

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05-17-17, 10:57 AM
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RE: Raymarine Axiom Dashboard

Thanks for the feedback regarding Raymarine's product documentation. This list would indeed make a fine addition to Raymarine's product documentatoin. Accordingly, a feature suggestion will be logged to add an acronym listing to the appendices of Raymarine product documents. Please click here to view a FAQ related FAQ.

Acronym - (Data Group) Expanded Acronym
COG - (GPS) Course Over Ground
COG - (GPS) Speed Over Ground
DTE - (Fuel) Distance To Empty
BTW - (Navigation) Bearing To Waypoint
DTW - (Navigation) Distance To Waypoint
AWA - (Wind) Apparent Wind Angle
VMG - (Navigation) Velocity Made Good
TWS - (Wind) True Wind Speed

As an interim workaround, expanded definitions for these navigational and sailing terms may be found by searching the Internet.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
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06-10-17, 01:09 PM
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RE: Raymarine Axiom Dashboard
Please provide a list of all acronyms used on the i70s. It seems that there have been other questions regarding this subject and no definitive answer. Some are obvious, others are not.
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06-12-17, 08:44 AM
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RE: Raymarine Axiom Dashboard

It is recommended that the i70/i70S's Edit Page (MENU->QUICK OPTIONS->EDIT PAGE) feature be used to view the available list of data items which the i70/i70S is designed to support and in many cases provide expanded descriptions of the data item. Should the required data or transducer input for data item not be present within the system, then the corresponding data item will be reported as dashes (ex. "-.-", "---", etc.). In addition to acronyms specified within my prior response,
Acronym - (Data Group) Expanded Acronym
AIS - (AIS) Automatic Identification System
ROT - (Boat) Rate of Turn
HDG - (Heading) Heading
SPD - (Speed) Speed (through water)
TRIP - (Distance) Trip distance (through water)
LOG - (Distance) Log distance (through water)
RPM - (Engine) Revolutions Per Minute
LOAD - (Engine) Load
LAT - (GPS) Latitude
SATS - (GPS) Number of Satellites
HDOP - (GPS) Horizontal Dilution of Precision
CMG - (Navigation) Course Made Good
DMG - (Navigation) Distance Made Good
XTE - (Navigation) Cross Track Error
ETA - (Navigation) Waypoint Estimated Time of Arrival
TTG - (Navigation) Time to Go (to waypoint)
CTS - (Navigation) Course to Steer
WPT - (Navigation) Waypoint
BSP - (Speed) Boat Speed
AWS - (Wind) Apparent Wind Speed
CH - (Wind) Close Hauled
TWA - (Wind) True Wind Angle
GWD - (Wind) Ground Wind
TWD - (Wind) True Wind Direction
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