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Is the Navionics+ chart card within a Raymarine product bundle populated with charts?
06-05-17, 10:00 AM (This post was last modified: 02-01-18 04:45 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Bug Is the Navionics+ chart card within a Raymarine product bundle populated with charts?
Is the Navionics+ chart card within a Raymarine product bundle populated with charts?

The Navionics+ chart cards included within Raymarine MFD and Dragonfly bundles sold in North America have been pre-populated by Navionics with navigational cartography for the coastal waters of the United States and Canada. These chart cards have additionally been populated with navigational cartography for lakes and rivers of the United States and Canada. It is recommended that Navionics chart cards be registered with Navionics to create a Navionics Freshest Data Updates subscription with to permit them to receive Freshest Data updates. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

While Navionics+ chart cards feature spot soundings and baythymetry common to navigational charts, these chart cards have not been populated the detailed fishing bathymetry included within Navionics SonarCharts. This is done by Navionics to provide an out of box experience which will support basic navigational features (autorouting and SonarCharts are considered more advanced features) for North American customers. Unfortunately, the Navionics+ chart card does not have sufficient memory capacity to store sonar chart in addition to all of the Nautical Charts for the US and Canada. Accordingly, Navionics+ chart card owners desiring to use the advanced Chart application features will need to use the Navionics Chart Installer's feature to 1) Erase the Chart Card's Contents and then 2) populate the Navionics+ chart card with both Nautical Charts and SonarCharts corresponding to the geographic area in which the vessel will be operated. The Navionics Chart Installer program provides a graphical mechanism with which the customer will designate the boundaries of the geographic area to be downloaded. When establishing the boundaries of the geographic area, it is recommended that the boundaries be expanded to the largest supported by the Navionics Chart Installer. As an example, should a boater operate in the coastal waters of NY, then it would be recommended that area bounded by the chart installer additionally included NJ and the southern New England states.

Should one have a Navionics chart card and desire to view SonarCharts, use the product's Sonar Logging feature, use a MFD's Dock To Dock Autorouting feature, or a MFD's SonarChart Live feature, then the Navionics chart card will have to have an active Navionics Freshest Data subscription and it would be further recommended that the chart card's data be updated Freshest Data using the Navionics Chart Installer computer program. This program may also be used to add SonarCharts and Community Edits to a Navionics+ Chart should the corresponding option within the Navionics Chart Installer program be selected.

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