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Wheel Pilot Stuttering
06-26-17, 12:29 PM
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Wheel Pilot Stuttering
EV-100 with P70, less than a year old.

The motor often turns with a stuttering motion. That is, it turns the wheel in many small increments, rather than smoothly. This is true whether the clutch is engaged or not.

It turns the wheel smoothly with major course correction of 10+ degrees. But for smaller corrections it stutters. Especially true for starboard turn.

I've retensioned the drive belt several times, without effect. Since the stuttering occurs with the wheel disengaged, it doesn't seem to be a belt issue.

Perhaps normal? Perhaps some other setting is incorrect?
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06-26-17, 01:50 PM
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RE: Wheel Pilot Stuttering
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum CW,

The performance which you have described would be considered normal. Essentially, the autopilot cycles through applying an increment rudder and waiting for sensed boat motion before applying further increments of rudder. As you have observed, the described behavior is most commonly associated with small heading changes. This behavior is often improved following installation of a rudder reference transducer.
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