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Axiom 9 MFDs
07-12-17, 08:38 AM
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Axiom 9 MFDs
I am setting up two Axiom MFDs. One up on the bridge (main display) and one in the cockpit(secondary display). What adjustments and setting changes do I need to make on the "main display" and "secondary display"?
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07-12-17, 02:31 PM
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RE: Axiom 9 MFDs
Hello ReelAttitudeBDA,

Once both displays are connected to the same Raynet network, a prompt will appear on both displays. The prompt will state "Multiple data masters found. Select a data master..." and will include a "select" button. After you press the select button, a list of Axiom displays will appear and this is where you will select which display you would like to be your "Master" display.

If you decide to change the "master" to the "slave", follow this button press:
From the Home screen press Settings> Network> Display model you want as master> "Assign as datamaster"

Lastly, once you have set a data master, you may see GPS coordinates have disappeared from one of the display's home page. If this problem presents itself, you are able to add your GPS position onto the chart by performing the following button presses: Menu> Settings> Page Settings> Edit Data Overlays> Add, and choose "GPS Position" from the list. You are able to edit the item by press and holding.

- Dave
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