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e125 intermittent power off
07-25-17, 04:30 PM
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RE: e125 intermittent power off
So I did check out the wiring, and I did have my CP370 depth finder on the same circuit as the E125, but all wiring and connections looked fine. I have since moved each to a separate 10a circuit( and sourced from the closer location, cutting probably 40ft of 12ga wire out of the circuit ), but while trying to tshoot, I discovered the Supply Voltage reported in the Diagnostics is 11.5v.

I do have an EE degree, so Ohm's law isn't new to me, but for the life of me I can't figure out why the E125 is reporting 11.5 volts. If I pull the plug from the E125, and measure voltage across the big pins, I get 12.6. Now, of course, in this scenario the E125 is off, so no current draw. However, if I check the voltage at the closest point( the switch controlling the circuit, attached with quick disconnect ) while the E125 is power'ed on, I still get 12.5.

If I turn my halogen cockpits light on( prob 10a draw combined, thru the same supply ), I can get it to drop to 12.3, but then the E125 says 11.3. I'd be fine with 12.3, but seems to me I am losing 1v internally.

Now, I haven't been out to see if things improve( whether I get any drops/reboots ), but any thoughts on what this could be? The gold connectors on the power connection look pristine...

My boat is a 30ft whaler, and the wiring is mostly original, being fed by a 2awg battery wire to my battery switches, 4awg from there to 80amp breaker, 4awg from there to terminal post, 6awg from there to another breaker panel, and then 12/14awg to the switch and then 14awg to the E125. Seems well engineered, especially since in my case, the only thing that is being powered off all that copper is just the E125( at least when I am doing this testing ).

I have a dedicated house battery as well...

Any help appreciated, thanks, Todd
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