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Data to supply in support of troubleshooting Evolution autopilot performance
07-25-17, 09:58 AM (This post was last modified: 10-05-17 11:24 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Data to supply in support of troubleshooting Evolution autopilot performance
Data to supply in support of troubleshooting an Evolution autopilot

In order to provide some guidance regarding the autopilot performance issue reported, we're going to need the following information from your system:
- Specification regarding whether a Pilot Factory Reset (MENU->SET-UP->AUTOPILOT CALIBRATION->COMMISSIONING->PILOT FACTORY RESET) has been commanded following any update to the Evolution autopilot's EV Sensor Core or ACU components ... if not, then it would be recommended that the Pilot Factory Reset be performed. It should then be followed by full commissioning (Dockside Wizard, Deviation/Handling Cruise, and reconfiguration of settings (compass offset, Pilot Response, etc.). Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the operating conditions to conduct when taking the vessel for the aforementioned cruise. Should the problem persist thereafter, then the following additional items should be provided to support troubleshooting of the Evolution autopilot:
----- The maximum deviation detected by the autopilot (MENU->SET-UP->DIAGNOSTICS->ABOUT PILOT) ... scroll to the very bottom of the displayed autopilot information to find the maximum detected DEVIATION.
----- Diagnostics...html file
----- Specification of whether a speed through water sensor has been interfaced to the system. This may be verified by configuring the MFD to display the Speed data item within a Databox. If the reported value is dashes, then no speed through water source has been interfaced to the system. If interfaced to a speed through water data source, then the MFD should be configured to display both the Speed and SOG data items within Databoxes. After doing so, and the autopilot is exhibiting the reported symptoms, then please specify the approximate speed of the vessel when observed and the difference in the reported values for the Speed and SOG data items?
----- Specification regarding whether a rudder reference transducer has been interfaced to the ACU ... power the autopilot and SeaTalkng backbone ON, configure the autopilot into STANDBY mode, and then examine the rudder bar while rotating the wheel in each direction. If the rudder bar responds to rotation of the wheel, then the ACU has been verified to have been interfaced to a rudder reference transducer. Verify that the rudder bar correctly reflects the direction that the wheel / rudder has been turned.

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