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Multiple steering systems autopilot
07-26-17, 09:52 AM
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Multiple steering systems autopilot
I have an EV-200 with an octopus linear actuator for a mercruiser outdrive. My plan is to add a 25 Hp kicker motor to the boat for safety and low speed trolling. Can a system be added to steer the kicker motor independently of the main engine without complete duplication of components? The mercruiser is the standard power assisted cable and the kicker would most likely be hydraulic. I haven't purchased the kicker yet and am just in the planning stages. The pilot control is rotary with a C97 and an Axiom MFD's (operating independently until software update is available). My thinking, for what it's worth, is you couldn't operate more than one ACU on the sea talk ng network. Any advice?
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07-26-17, 10:30 AM
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RE: Multiple steering systems autopilot
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum relally,

Unfortunately, Raymarine's Evolution Autopilots are not designed to function in the manner which you have suggested. Unlike prior autopilot course computer systems which combined the functions of course computer and actuator control within a single device, the Evolution autopilots separate the course computer (EV-1/2) and actuator control (ACU) into two separate components. The only way to achieve the end which you are seeking would be to have two autopilot systems each including the EV-1, ACU, and drive unit. The control head could remain common between the two systems. Should the EV-1 and ACU components be installed in a manner to permit them to be switched (ex. DPDT switch, etc.) in and out of the SeaTalkng backbone, then then the autopilot which had been switched ON would have access to the system's data and could be controlled by the common autopilot control head.
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