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Crazy Ivan II
07-31-17, 04:30 PM
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Crazy Ivan II
Have installed:
EV-100 Wheel Pilot
e7 MFD
i70 Multifunction instrument display
iTC-5 converter
Raymarine Rotary Rudder Reference Transducer
One dedicated breaker feeds the instruments
One dedicated breaker feeds the AP

All instruments operating properly until first week in June. At that time, I updated all software before leaving on a two week cruise. The first time I operated the AP, it turned the wheel hard to port. After repeatedly restarting the instruments and repeated failure, I uninstalled the updates, tested, failed and then reinstalled them, retested and failed again.

After analyzing the failures, symptoms and observing the instrument readings, it appeared to be what you would expect to see if the rudder reference transducer leads were reversed on the ACU-100.

A visual inspection proved they were wired correctly. In initiating a physical test, disconnecting the red lead resulted in an audible error alert and message on the p70s.

Reconnecting, resulted in the system operating correctly until power is turned off at the 12 v distribution breaker panel. Repeating the disconnect/connect solves the problem until the next time power is cut off.

If the instruments are turned off individually on the instrument button only, the issue does not only occurs when power is cut from the panel to the instruments.

The issue is 100% repeatable.

I called Raymarine while on the cruise and the technician said that he would have suggested doing exactly what I did to diagnose the issue and that he had no solution to I thought I would write it out and see if anybody had anything to suggest...I'm too old to keep climbing into the lazarette to disconnect/connect a wire every time I power up.

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08-01-17, 09:31 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-17 12:05 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: Crazy Ivan II
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum CB,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the actions to be taken after updating the autopilot's software. Care should be taken to ensure that following execution of the Dockside Wizard, that the rudder bar responds correctly to rotation of the vessel's wheel. If not, then the transducer leads are reversed for the orientation of the rudder reference transducer.
To correct this condition, the autopilot calibration lock may be configured OFF to then permit commanding Reverse Rudder Ref. (MENU->SET-UP->AUTOPILOT CALIBRATION->DRIVE SETTINGS->REVERSE RUDDER REF.). Alternatively, the red and green rudder reference transducer connections to the ACU may be swapped. If the rudder bar then responds correctly to rotation of the vessel's wheel, then the brief cruise referenced within the FAQ should be undertaken and the heading should be aligned after doing so.

Should the problem persist thereafter, then please click here to view a FAQ addressing data to supply in support of troubleshooting an Evolution autopilot.
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