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Axiom 9 Won't Render Charts in Full Resolution with Tides Overlay Selected
08-28-17, 08:48 AM
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RE: Axiom 9 Won't Render Charts in Full Resolution with Tides Overlay Selected

“System Settings Reset” has fixed the issue of incomplete refresh but refresh with Tides layer on is still slow.
The Chart app using Navionics+ standard or Sonar charts) is still slow when the Tides overlay is active with no settings modified after the System Settings Reset. Refresh of the full screen still occurs in sections and can take 3-7+ seconds to complete, slow enough to allow a screen capture of the low res/high res chart build during the refresh (see ScreenShot46 – and note this was after turning off chart features like roads, land features, etc.). Refresh is always near instantaneous with Tides overlay off. By refresh, I mean selecting the Chart app from the home screen (worst case) or zooming the chart. I noted that when pressing the soft zoom ” +” or “-“ button on the Chart app, at about 2 times per second, the MFD zooms and refreshes the screen instantly after each press with Tides overly off, but the MFD does not keep up with the rapid key presses when Tides layer is on.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1261]

Found Reason for Apparent Low Resolution Charts
The Navionics+ charts appear to be partially rasterized but with crisp vector overlays. As I zoom in, some of the chart becomes fuzzy (a raster image) until the next chart is loaded and it looks crisp. It’s about 11-14 “+” or “-” zoom soft button presses between resolution changes. (ScreenShot24) to the next higher resolution (ScreenShot25). This is why I thought the chart looked like it was sometimes rendered in low res with the Tides overlay on. It truly depends upon where you are in the zoom sequence, independent of the Tides overly.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1262]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1263]

User Settings Restored and Apps Customized - Chart Refreshes Properly (just slow with Tides on)
I set my preferences from the Advanced cartography menu, customized the apps, and the MFD still completed the refresh properly with the Tides overly selected. Refresh was still nearly instantaneous with Tides off.

A Button Sequence to Stop a Chart Build
With my chart settings preferences restored, I downloaded a smaller section of Navionics+ charts (49MB). The refresh issue with Tides On did not change. But upon selecting the Chart app from the main menu, the chart build stopped (see ScreenShot003 below) when I pressed the “…” in the Data Sidebar while the chart was building. The small pop over that allows Data 2 to be selected seemed to stop the chart building. The small pop over timed out while I made the screen capture. The chart rendered fully after touching the screen. I was able to do
that twice.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1264]

Thanks for the “System Settings Reset” idea. I can try any other settings suggestions as well. I don’t mind re-entering my preferences and app customization. I tried to attach the system log but at 33MB in size it was rejected.
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