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No Pilot reported by autopilot control head
08-22-17, 08:08 AM
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No Pilot reported by autopilot control head
No Pilot reported by autopilot control head

The reported symptom is indicative of a failure of communications between the autopilot course computer or EV CCU and the autopilot control head. This problem most commonly occurs:
- the software within all SeaTalkng devices has not been maintained with the latest available Raymarine product software updates ... update the software within all product's having a SeaTalkng communications interface.
- in systems featuring a SeaTalkng backbone in addition to a SeaTalk bus and the installer fails to disconnect the SeaTalk bus from its original source(s) of power and instead power the SeaTalk bus from the SeaTalkng backbone via a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter(s) ... Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Possible sources of SeaTalk power within your system include the autopilot course computer and possibly a dedicated power circuit supplying power to the SeaTalk bus
- in systems where too many devices having a SeaTalk (not to be confused with SeaTalkng communications interface are being powered from the SeaTalkng backbone via a single SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter
- In systems featuring SeaTalkng component where the installer has failed to rotate the locking rings of the SeaTalkng networking components into the locked position
- in systems where the autopilot control head is being powered by a separate power insertion to the SeaTalkng backbone or SeaTalk bus rather than via the autopilot's SeaTalk port and the operator fails to switch on the circuit supplying power to the autopilot course computer ... verify that the autopilot course computer is switched ON. For systems which do not feature a SeaTalkng backbone, consider connecting the autopilot control head alone to the autopilot course computer via all three leads of a SeaTalk cable. In this way, the autopilot control head will not power ON unless the circuit supplying power to the autopilot course computer has been switched ON.
- in systems a SeaTalk bus alone featuring several devices being powered from a single power insertion point. In such installations, the SeaTalk bus may be starved from power, particularly as the vessel's batteries draw down, and the resulting line loss reduces the power level below that which the equipment may effectively communicate ... consider powering the SeaTalk bus with a second power insertion (ex. from both ends of the SeaTalk bus).
- insufficient power ... when operating for extended periods on battery,
----- test the batteries and replace if necessary,
----- consider operating the vessel's charging system more frequently, and/or
----- add additional battery capacity to the onboard to support the marine electronics system

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