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E120 Track Causing Disc Usage Overload
08-22-17, 03:35 PM
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E120 Track Causing Disc Usage Overload
At 3am last week leaving for our trip both of my E120s deciding to start rebooting themselves. After head scratching for a few minutes and a quick googling I found I had the disc usage problem that others have had caused by leaving my track on at all times. A quick factory reset cleared my 108% full hard drive and took care of the problem.

After trolling all day with my track on I again checked disc usage. It was 3% after the reset and midway through the day it had climbed to 43%! This seems crazy to me that I can't use my MFD to record my tracks constantly without having to do resets every couple trips.

Has anyone had this problem and figured out a solution or work around for this? I'm running 5.69 software after upgrading this wknd from 5.52. I'm not sure f there is a fix for this in 5.69. The solution seems to be to record less points in the track to limit disc usage but that defeats the whole purpose. I currently have my track interval set to auto. This doesn't make sense to me that I can't run a whole trip without loading the hard drive.
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08-22-17, 03:51 PM
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RE: E120 Track Causing Disc Usage Overload
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum KnotEnoughBills,

Raymarine does not recommend that a track be continuously recorded for several days with this generation of MFD. Instead, should a track be of value to the user, then the track should be saved so that it may later be displayed by the MFD. Additionally, one may reduce the number of track points created by changing the Track Interval setting from Auto to an interval based on user specified time or distance.
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