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Replacing a C-Series Classic MFD(s) with an Axiom MFD(s)
08-28-17, 10:03 AM (This post was last modified: 03-12-19 12:59 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Replacing a C-Series Classic MFD(s) with an Axiom MFD(s)
Replacing a C-Series Classic MFD(s) with an Axiom MFD(s)

Please note that the C-Series Classic MFDs were not designed to share cartography, radar imagery, fishfinder imagery, Satellite Weather, or Satellite Radio control with other MFDs (including other C-Series Classic MFDs).

MOUNTING: Raymarine offers the adapter plates to support surface installation an Axiom MFD within the helm space previously occupied by another Raymarine MFD.

POWER: The currently installed power cable will need to be replaced with the cable supplied with the Axiom MFD.

ETHERNET: Should more than one Raymarine product featuring an Ethernet network (RayNet/SeaTalkHS) interface (a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDS, CPxxx Sounder Modules, Quantum/Digital/HD Digital/SuperHD Digital Radomes and Open Array Radar Scanners, Thermal Cameras, CAM200IP, etc.) be installed onboard, then these devices must be interfaced to a common Ethernet network to fully communicate with one another. Failure to do so will prevent the sharing radar, cartography, fishinder, weather, IP camera video, waypoint, routes, tracks, etc. between the system's MFDs. To view Raymarine Ethernet networking products, click here.

Axiom MFDs feature a single Ethernet network socket permitting them to be interfaced to one other Raymarine product featuring an Ethernet network interface. Should the MFD(s) not feature sufficient Ethernet network sockets to interface all of the Raymarine products featuring an Ethernet network interface, then it will be necessary to install a HS5 RayNet Network Switch(es) to support interfacing the additional Ethernet devices to the MFD.

RADAR: Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to add radar features to an Axiom MFD.

SEATALK: Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to interface products having a SeaTalk interface to a SeaTalkng backbone, to which the Data Master Axiom will also be interfaced.

EXTERNAL ALARM: Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to add an alarm to the Axiom MFDs.

NMEA 0183: An E70196 VHF NMEA 0183 to STng Converter Kit would typically be recommended for those simply seeking to supply GPS data to a DSC VHF radio. For those seeking bidirectional communications with NMEA 0183 listeners and a NMEA 0183 talker, the NMEA 0183 leads of any NMEA 0183 devices which are presently interfaced to the C-Series Classic MFD's NMEA Cable will need to be disconnected from this cable and will instead be interfaced to a NMEA 0183 to SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 data bridging device (ex. Actisense NGW-1-ISO-STNG, Actisense NGW-1-ISO-AIS, etc.) are available from third parties to support interfacing NMEA 0183 devices to systems featuring Axiom MFDs.

SEATALKNG/NMEA 2000: Should the C-Series Classic MFD be interfaced as a spur to NMEA 2000 backbone, then the Data Master Axiom MFD may instead be interfaced to this backbone via an appropriate length of SeaTalkng Spur to DeviceNet Cable. Should the SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 backbone be constructed from third party NMEA 2000 networking components featuring DeviceNet sockets, then the Axiom MFD may be interfaced to the NMEA 2000 backbone via an appropriate length of NMEA 2000 Cable having DeviceNet plugs of appropriate gender.

Video Input: Raymarine’s Axiom MFDs support integration with compatible IP Cameras and compatible FLIR/Raymarine thermal cameras having an IP video interface.

Video Output: Axiom MFDs do not feature output capability.

FISHFINDER(s): Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to add fishfinder features to an Axiom MFD.

SIRIUSXM SATELLITE WEATHER/RADIO FEATURES: At the time of this response, Raymarine had not yet added support for SiriusXM Satellite Weather/Radio features within LightHouse 3 software. It is expected that support for these features will be offered within one of the early LightHouse 3 software updates for the Axiom MFDs. At that time, Raymarine will indicate which, if any, SiriusXM Satellite Weather / Radio receivers in addition to the SR150 will be supported.

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: While the replacement of this equipment is well within the capabilities of those familiar with marine electronics equipment installation, there will be some cable splicing and cable chasing required. Should this not be within your comfort zone or skills, then click here to locate a Certified Raymarine Installer in your area.

WAYPOINTS, ROUTES, AND TRACKS: Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

CARTOGRAPHY - Navionics cartography which has been programmed onto CF memory cards may not be used with Axiom MFDs. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing cartography which may be used with Axiom MFDs.

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