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Route Colot
08-28-17, 06:21 PM
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Route Colot
I have an a95 MFD running Lighthouse 19 software with C-Map Charts. I'd like to show the route I am following (the active route) in color. I went through the menus, chose the color (Red), but the active route still displays as black. When I move the display window I sometimes see a flicker of red next to the black line, as if the black line is hiding the red. I also tried a different color (blue) with the same result
How do I color the route so that it stands out?
It would also be nice if the active route were a little wider, or at least bolder, than the other lines on the display
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08-29-17, 03:44 PM
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RE: Route Colot
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mezrich,

While it is possible to assign a color to be used for a route's legs, the leg which is currently being navigated will be rendered as a dashed black line. The course line created as a result of commanding the MFD to Go To a waypoint or cursor position will also be rendered as a dashed black line. A feature request will be logged to consider creation of a new configuration setting to specify the color and line thickness of the active leg line.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
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