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Charts for Dragonfly Displays and MFDs running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software
01-06-16, 04:15 PM (This post was last modified: 04-09-18 01:08 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Charts for Dragonfly Displays and MFDs running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software
Charts for Dragonfly Displays and MFDs running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software

Raymarine's Dragonfly Displays and MFDs running LightHouse II (a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs) or LightHouse 3 software (Axiom/Axiom Pro MFDs or eS/gS-Series MFDs) do not feature internal cartography memory (except for the relatively limited detail base world maps featured within the Chart and SiriusXM Satellite Marine Weather Apps. When operating these products with the latest software update, these products support the following types of cartography which has been programmed onto microSD memory cards:
- Navionics Nautical (Nav+, Gold, Platinum, HotMaps Premium, HotMaps Platinum)
- Navionics Sonar (Nav+, Platinum, Hotmaps Platinum)
- LightHouse Charts
- C-Map Essentials
- C-Map 4-D Max+

A chart card containing the type of cartography which you desire to view and providing coverage for the geographic area which you desire to view must be present within the product's memory card reader any time that one desires to view detailed cartography via the display's Chart application. Should the chart card be removed from the MFD's memory card reader, then the system will not be able to display the associated cartography within a Chart application page/pane until the chart card is replaced. As Raymarine's MFDs are designed to share cartography with other compatible MFDs via an Ethernet (RayNet / SeaTalkhs) network, a chart card featuring the desired type of cartography need only be present within reader of one of the MFDs within a network. Alternatively, the chart card may reside within a Raymarine USB Remote Card Reader, which has in turn been interface to a compatible MFD. Raymarine MFDs support simultaneous use of any or each of the supported types or cartography within the system of MFDs.

Raymarine MFDs are bundled with different pre-loaded chart cards and the product packages are priced to reflect differences in the cost of each type of cartography. LightHouse, Navionics, and C-Map cartography may also be purchased separately. Questions concerning which specific Navionics or C-Map product should be purchased to provide cartography for the geographic area of interest should be addressed to yourNavionics or C-Map dealer. LightHouse charts may be purchased from the Raymarine LightHouse Chart Store.

Note: Chart application pages/panes of Dragonfly displays and MFDs running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 sofware are designed to be individually configurable. As such, it is possible to configure the each Chart application page/pane to show a different type of cartography, different chart objects, different level of detail, different orientations/offsets, etc..

Example: Should LightHouse, C-Map, and Navionics chart cards be present within the system's memory card readers (either those of the MFD(s) and/or Raymarine USB Remote Card Reader(s)), then it would be possible to have any MFD within the system simultaneously display all three types of cartography within a single Chart application page (i.e. each of the page's Chart application pane is assigned to display a different type of cartography from that displayed within the page's other Chart application panes)

As the default Chart Selection setting for each Chart application page/pane is Navionics Nautical Charts, this setting will need to be changed accordingly within each Chart application page/pane in which one desires to use a different type of chart.

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