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Replacing ST50 Wind display with i60
01-02-18, 08:43 AM
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Replacing ST50 Wind display with i60
The ST50 Analogue wind display is now no longer repairable, so assuming that the masthead unit and cable down the mast is in good working order, click here for further explanation, then the display will need to be replaced, there is a link below to our website where you can see the new i60 display.
I60 Wind display click here .

The new i60 analogue wind display will connect to the same masthead transducer that you are using with the ST50 unit – except you will need to remove the round plug on the cable from the transducer, which is used to connect the masthead transducer to the ST50 wind display.
The i60 wind display uses 1/8” spade connections on the rear of it – simply crimp new female spade connectors onto the bared ends of the transducer cable.

The i60 wind display will connect to the original SeaTalk network, but you will need an adapter cable A06047 and possibly a D244 SeaTalk connector block – depending how the ST50 displays are wired together - ST50 used round 3 pin connectors for SeaTalk, whereas all current instrument displays use 1/8" spade connectors.

The i60 wind display will connect to your existing system and work in the same way as the ST50 display with the close hauled analogue display next to it, the Apparent Wind direction and Wind speed will be fine, however, the TRUE wind information will not, since the ST50 used a more basic form of SeaTalk and the i60 will not get the correct form of Speed through the water data to calculate the True wind correctly.

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