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MFD running LightHouse II software randomly reboots
01-04-18, 04:38 AM (This post was last modified: 10-29-19 10:07 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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MFD running LightHouse II software randomly reboots
MFD running LightHouse II software randomly reboots

Determine which application (Chart, Radar, Fishfinder, Data, etc.) that the MFD was displaying at the time that the problem occured. Does it restart at the same point of use, for example straight back into the Chart or Radar application which you were previously using, or does it reboot to the initial Raymarine Splashscreen (the original start up screen that appears when the unit is first powered on) ?

If rebooting to the Raymarine Splashscreen, then the likely cause is power supply related, it could be a loose power cable connection, a damaged or trapped cable, a faulty fuse holder or isolating switch, or even low battery voltage, another possible cause could be Electrical interference, click here for more information.

If rebooting to the page that you were just using, then the cause could be software related or a faulty unit. You could try to reload the latest software, available from the Raymarine Website and then carry out a full factory reset,, click here for instructions . We have also received some anecdotal information that the Navionics Sonar Logging (MENU->PRESENTATION->DEPTHS AND CONTOURS->SONAR LOGGING) feature (defaults to ON in within LHII v19.03) may have a memory leak associated with it. While acceptable for periodic use in conjunction with the MFD's SonarChart Live feature, leaving the Sonar Logging logging feature enabled for extended periods cause the system to become increasingly slow to the point where it may become non-responsive and may eventually cause the MFD to reboot or application to restart. Accordingly, if not actively engaged in using the SonarChart Live feature or logging sonar data to upload to Navionics, it is recommended that Sonar Logging be disabled.

If the fault persists, temporarily remove the chart card to see if this stops the rebooting, possibly the chart card is faulty. In the case of a faulty data stored on the chart card, it would be recommended that the chart card's contents be erased (if the chart card is a Navionics chart card utilize the feature within the Navionics Chart Installer application to do so), that the chart card then be re-populated, and that the chart card then be tested again with the system. For MFDs having more than one chart card slot, it is recommended that both chart card slots be tested.

If none of the above is successful or if fault is identified with the MFD's memory card reader, then the MFD should be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.

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