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Axiom and Axiom Pro Wireless Display (Miracast)
01-15-18, 11:34 PM
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Axiom and Axiom Pro Wireless Display (Miracast)
Since v3.2.86 software (, Axiom ( and Axiom Pro ( displays now feature Wireless Display capability using the Miracast protocol.

Miracast is a Wifi Alliance standard that is a vendor-neutral equivalent to Google Cast and Apple Airplay, both of which are proprietary. Many TVs support Miracast directly, and for those that don't there are Miracast-to-HDMI dongles which receive the Axiom's wireless display signal and output on HDMI to the TV. Miracast is sometimes called 'HDMI over Wifi'.
Using Miracast for the display's video output saves installation cost and can improve range, especially compared to HDMI cables which are limited in length.

Make sure you use a properly-certified Wifi Alliance-approved Miracast device: we have found that low-cost generic devices tend to be very unreliable: it's just not worth it. A certified Miracast dongle won't cost much more.
You will also need recent software in your Axiom/Pro display: Mircast support came in in v3.2.86. You can check software and update over-the-air at Home > Settings > Update Software on your Axiom / Axiom Pro display.

Miracast is only available on Axiom and Axiom Pro displays, earlier MFDs do not have the required hardware capability, even if updated to Lighthouse 3.

Attached is a document that gives some more information, including how to find Wifi Alliance-certified Miracast receivers and TVs.


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