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(DG) Replacing ST5000+ control head with p70s
02-04-18, 02:40 PM (This post was last modified: 02-13-18 12:03 PM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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(DG) Replacing ST5000+ control head with p70s
I have been in discussion with your Tech support and this forum about a full upgrade (radar, MFD, i60, i70s, EV-1 autohelm, AIS, etc from RL70C and ST60 vintage) but have a more immediate issue to address vs cost of total upgrade. My ST5000+ LCD is fading, thus the need to replace it, the autopilot control is good - see attached pics for this and back of the control head for wiring and questions.

I have read the two FAQs on using the p70s control head in place of the ST5000+ control head but still am having trouble visualizing the actual wiring using the D244 junction box, the A22164 adapter cable and p70s control head.

I have looked on your website but can not find a diagram for the connections on the back of he D244 and the p70s. I do not understand where all the connections on the back of the ST5000+ control head (fluxgate compass, drive, clutch, rudder, ?)are going between the D244, the p70s and then to the RL70C via Seatalk1.

Will you please provide schematic diagram. I currently have 3 other ST60s (boat speed, wind, depth) daisy chained to the ST5000+.

Thanks for your help.
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02-13-18, 12:13 PM
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RE: (DG) Replacing ST5000+ control head with p70s
Hi billworsley
Thank you for your enquiry.

The ST5000+ is not just a control head for the autopilot,it also contains the central course computer too, hence all the connections on the back of it.

As described at the foot of this FAQ click here for the full details, as long as the only fault is the faded display, then the p70s control head can be used to control the operation of the ST5000+ autopilot.

The St5000+ autopilot needs to remain connected into the system exactly as it is now, this will enable the computer part of the control unit to function normally. The p70s is then connected via the Converter cable A06047 direct into the D244 SeaTalk 3 way junction block, which is then connected into a convenient location within the current SeaTalk network.

This means that the p70s is connected to the ST5000+ control unit via SeaTalk and will enable you to input course changes and engage or disengage the autopilot. You will not be able to access any calibration settings from the p70s, all calibration will still have to be carried out through the ST5000+ display head.

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