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Adjustable Radar antenna mounting platform
02-13-18, 06:14 AM (This post was last modified: 02-13-18 06:15 AM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Adjustable Radar antenna mounting platform
The optimum operating plane for a radar is horizontal,since this provides the most stable image and enables the radar to operate at it's optimum efficiency.

Most vessels operate with a degree of instability caused by the sea state and wind conditions and as can be seen in this FAQ here, a radar antenna is also designed to function perfectly well at a variety of angles from the horizontal, as the vessels moves through a seaway. In most coastal cruising applications, a fixed mount is therefore perfectly satisfactory, since it will adapt to the frequent change in heeling motion of the boat from tack to tack and from regular pitching and rolling without any external adjustment. The vertical beam angle accommodating the deviation from the horizontal.

When sailing offshore, substantial periods of time can be spent with the vessel heeled over on one tack or the other, in this case, the opportunity to adjust the radar platform to enable the antenna to revert to a horizontal attitude in spite of the heel angle of the boat, will enable the radar to perform better, in terms of stability of the image and in terms of range and target identification. The disadvantage of this type of mounting is that the radar mounting platform will need to be adjusted each time to compensate for the angle of heel.

The decision to make regarding mast mounting or mounting lower down on a quarterdeck pole or bracket is often based on personal preference. Higher up a mast will give more range, but since the mast motion is quite exaggerated, will cause the image to be less stable in heavy seas. Lower down on a pole mounted to the quarterdeck or a backstay type mount, will provide a more stable location, but with a reduced range.

Raymarine offer a variety of the more common mounting accessories, alternatively accessories are available from 3rd parties.

Radar Antenna mounting accessories can be obtained from various suppliers, click here
more information of alternatives that are available.

Be aware however that continuous movement of some articulated mounting platforms can adversely affect the interconnecting cables and fatigue the conductors inside the cable leading to intermittent operation over a period of time and so this should also be a consideration when selecting the mounting method.

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