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Replacing early style masthead Wind transducer
03-09-18, 12:23 PM
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Replacing early style masthead Wind transducer
The standard masthead transducer is the R28170, this is the current version of the masthead transducer, it should plug straight into the existing masthead block.

Please note the early masthead transducers used 'squarish' style cups for the anemometer,whereas current versions, (since mid 1990's) use hemispherical cups. The hemispherical cups are more efficient and rotate about 30% faster. So if you had the earlier style transducer, the windspeed will over read by about 30%, this can be corrected in the wind speed calibration of the instrument display on all but the early, black, ST50 and ST50+ style displays.

There is no effect on the operation or function of the wind direction sensor which remains unchanged.

One final point, the very early masthead transducers, with the 'squarish' style cups, did not have a key where they plugged into the masthead mounting block, (which could enable the pins to be misaligned when the transducer was fitted and so bend the pins). All later masthead transducers with the hemispherical cups had a key to help alignment with a keyway in the mounting block. So you may need to remove the key moulded onto the plug of the new replacement Masthead transducer if you have one of the very early mounting blocks at the top of the mast.

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